In More Than "one way" face the internet horrors that haunt your past. The one's you've never heard of. They don't exist.

More than "one way" (>one way) is a first-person single player *survival* horror game, with a heavy focus on *puzzle solving* and *story.* You're placed in a eerily familar but new town- explore, survive and piece together your memories to find out who the trio was, what happened to UNTITLED.EXE, and why you're trapped in the middle of it all.

Currently in early development. Game updates can be found on twitter and through our behind the scenes content on Patreon.


To terrify, and inspire-much like the horror greats before us.

We are an independent video game production team, comprised of a small group of lifelong friends with the shared passion of creating. Founded in Texas, Disordered Media strives to connect with individuals worldwide through our entertainment and our stories...

>one way started as a planned slasher story between our co-directors, Spider and Bugs. Taking a direction towards being a game, new characters were developed to fit a new story combining previous elements and other horror that we enjoyed. As the character roster grew so did the game’s team, with each member partaking in our casts designs.


  • Hand-animated cutscenes.
  • An immersive 3D world for you to explore.
  • An email from your coworker you just can’t ignore.
  • Fully voiced dialogue.
  • Your actions will have consequences.
  • Be ready to face them.
  • That's how life works.
  • Original music by Marcy Nabors
  • It's just fiction.


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